via Camillo Vercellone, 44 – 13817, Sordevolo (BI)

+39.338.5456299 / +39.338.3531428


We are Alessia and Giovanni, parents to a splendid and lively child called Matilde.
We are sociable and imaginative, thanks in part to Alessia’s Tuscan origins, we love contact with people and our philosophy is that such exchanges can only enrich the soul.
When we bought the house, where we live, we redecorated a part of it for us and the rest we had planned to decorate and use as a B&B; and so this space became fertile terrein for the immagination and good taste of Alessia and the craftsmanship and inventiveness of Giovanni, and not forgetting little Matilde’s contributions.

It is wonderful to see something of our very own being born, to discover new potential, and to realize our dream. We faced many difficulties, but these did not dissuade us from moving forward and now that the work is finished, when we look back our hearts swells with pride and emotion at having undertaken a new challenge.

Belvedere B&B in Sordevolo is an oasis, immersed in the much loved nature of the Delleani, in which every single thing is born with love and attention to datail, because we are convinced that the things which are handmade have a warmth and consistency that distingueshes them from the others…perhaps because they have a soul?

We like to believe so…

We still have lots of ideas in the tank, for growing and improving, making our guests stay ever more pleasant, and establishing new friendships with people who can only positively enrich our experiences.
We are anxious to get started, but when the work ended, we took a few days only for ourselves, in order to recharge our batteries and to begin with the youthful of those facing a new world.