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Sordevolo and its Surrounding Area

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The Surrounding Area

There are several reasons which can push you to get to know this area and this valley; Sordevolo becomes the theatre for the Passion every five years, a re-enactment that people of Sordevolo produce with unique passion and you can retrace scenes and memories of this event by visiting “The Museum of the Passion”.

Every winter, more precisely from mid-November to mid-Dicember, the streets of the town come alive with a colourful, little Market, called “of the Angels” and every autumn there are various events and Food Fairs, each aimed at the appreciation and sampling of typical products of the season; Polenta, Chestnuts, Bean Soup etc…and be sure not to miss the Sagre, when wandering shepherds reunite bringing their animals dressed in festive clothes, festivals in which children find joy in seeing that which they cannot usually see on a daily basis.

There are the multiple possibilities to pactice sports: Mountain Biking which it is possible to practice along one of many paths which wind and interweave through a lush vegetation, and since there is a path for every pleasure, you will also find paths for those who love walking; these paths cross over that which could take you directly to any of the numerous Sanctuaries, San Giovanni’s in Andorno, or that of Graglia and the well-known Sanctuary of Oropa home to the “Black Madonna”.
Following the paths you can also discover those warm and welcoming Refuges that dot the highest peaks; Rifugio lago della Vecchia, Rifugio Coda….

Consulting some maps or booklets, you might also have heard about the Ferrat named Infernone, this is also in Sordevolo, don’t let the name fool you, it is usable by everyone even the most inexperienced and is certainly very beautiful in the summer season especially.
For those who love fishing, we would point out that a new fishing reserve has recently been inaugurated ASD Valle Cervo and if you don’t catch the fish you are looking for, it could be nice to go looking for mushrooms or even chestnuts, in short an excursion for every taste!
One final reason which incorporates a bit of the above is that here you will find and with our help, that peace, that serenity which often escapes us during the our daily lives, all in a potpourri of culture, nature and traditions.